And, we’re back!

Happy 2014, Daredevilers! Here’s hoping it’s a great year for each and every one of you. Once again, we’ll be here week-in week-out, giving you the best Golden Age nautical adventure we can muster. I can also GUARANTEE that 2014 will be the BIGGEST year for the Deep Dive Daredevils yet! Not only is the stunning conclusion of our most ambitious story yet, Pitch Black Day, just around the corner, but in the coming months you can also look forward to a HUGE announcement…

Welp, it’s prose time and once again we’re dipping back into the novel, Dracula. This time we’ve unearthed a hidden chapter, which answers the question, “What the heck happened to Van Helsing, anyway?” If you recall, the first prose interlude consisted of an ominous and super-threatening letter from Count Dracula to Dr. Van Helsing. Essentially, it was the Victorian equivalent of Internet Bullying, and as you can see it left quite an impression on the good doctor.

One thing I find particularly interesting about this prose interlude is that rather than filling in the blanks of the comic story, now we’re paying off story beats set-up in the previous prose installments. Some may call that superfluous. We prefer to call it scope. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Be here NEXT WEEK when legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing reveals his plan to destroy a resurgent Count Dracula! But, who or what could possibly stand in the way of a rematch between these bitter rivals? Find out in just 7 days!

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Well, here’s to another year of Deep Dive Daredevils! I simply can’t wait…

Anyways, till next week!