The Lost Chapter of Dracula begins!

Let me just start by saying, man, this is WAY out of our comfort zone as writers. The ThreeOneFive writes comics – always have, always will – so, to bust out some prose and release it into the big bad world is tad bit intimidating. But, I’m hoping you’ll agree that this is story worth telling, and that we’ve picked the best format for that telling.

Anyway, Dracula is pretty much the greatest villain of all time in my book, and when he shows up out of nowhere at the bottom of the ocean with green skin, gills, and a MULLET an explanation is certainly in order. And, that is exactly what we’re doing for the NEXT FOUR WEEKS! We’re going FULL Alan Moore and re-writing the ending to one of the greatest horror novels of all time – re-jigging a classic to bridge the gap and bring one of the world’s most iconic characters into our humble little webcomic. Brazen, right? Don’t ever let anyone tell you The ThreeOneFive’s got no balls, man.

For those unfamiliar to Bram Stoker’s novel (learn more here), it is narrated entirely by letters and journals “written” by various characters. However, in the actual novel, Dracula only appears in the recollections and descriptions of the other characters. So, the inclusion of a letter written by Dracula himself is quite an auspicious event indeed!

You’ll also have noticed, no doubt, Danilo Guida’s WONDERFUL pencil illustration that accompanies the prose, as well as the various and sundry other Easter Eggs floating around the blotter. Each week along with the prose you’ll be getting a brand new illustration and those other goodies, which add even more layers and wrinkles to the tale. Good times, right?

Speaking of good times…ATTN: Daredevilers! This week we’re unleashing a whole mess of Danilo’s pre-production sketches and character designs in the Member’s Area! ALSO, crack the following code…


And, you can view this week’s Dracula pencil illustration NOW, full-size and unaltered!

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Welp, that just about wraps ‘er up for this week. Make sure to let us know how you think this little experiment is turning out in the comments. Oh, and read the Sunday Bonus Lunch because *insert really good reason/hyperbole here*.

Anyways, till next week!



P.S. Almost forgot…as requested, a print of last week’s page (the Dracula reveal!) is now available in the Deep Dive Daredevils’ Store.