…is one hell of a HANGOVER remedy! I can’t tell you how many times in my misbegotten youth that I sure could have used a good venting of the kidneys and a shot of adrenaline to help me make it into work on time the morning after a particularly rough night. I’m sure a good many of you Daredevilers out there can relate.

Seriously though, for a shockingly long time now Dan, Evin, and I have been talking about what would happen if the Captain ever got really, REALLY drunk, and what the procedure would be for getting him back in working order, for lack of a better phrase. Venting his kidneys was something that came up pretty early in our discussions, and some parties (I won’t name who) actually wanted to show (i.e. make Danilo draw) his kidneys being vented. BLECH. Luckily for you, and more so for Danilo, cooler heads prevailed and we ultimately decided to leave it up to your imagination. (Yes, this is really the type of stuff that we spend out valuable time arguing about.)

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Daredevils are under attack by a NAZI SUB?! I know for a fact that some of you have been waiting for just this type of development for some time now. Well, never let it be said that we do not aim to please!

But, ask yourself, how is the Custer supposed to fight back without a crew? Be here NEXT WEEK when we introduce the All-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT Deep Dive Daredevils. Nuff said!

In other news, by the time this blog goes live ALL of the DDD Kickstarter rewards will be in the mail and on their way to our backers. So, if you’re a backer, rejoice, the wait to get your hands on Deep Dive Daredevils No. 1 is nearly over!

Anyways, till next week!