This party sure died

I know this is a totally serious, totally game changing moment in the story, but I just couldn’t help myself, sorry.

So yeah, how about that totally serious, totally game changing moment anyways? Many apologies to all the fans for the Kajperean King out there, but we needed to show that we mean business. The King was a pretty darn jovial guy. I mean, you just got the feeling that the dude freaking loved to party. So, sending him to the big party in the sky – so unceremoniously – should be a clear indication that the tone of what is to come is very different than what has come before. The stakes are raised. The gloves are off. $#!% just got real.

Be here NEXT WEEK or I GUARANTEE you will regret it! WHO or WHAT has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for their moment to strike? What new, terrifying enemy is hunting the Deep Dive Daredevils? In just 7 day, you will get your first glimpse. Do NOT miss it!

In other MONUMENTAL news, the DDD Kickstarter reward fulfillment has officially begun! Just this morning Evin and I moseyed on down to our local Post Office and mailed the first batch of packages. And, let me tell you I have never sent that many things at one time in my entire life. When it was all said and done, nearly 45 minutes after the clerk started printing the shipping labels, the receipt was longer than I am tall (and I am a really tall dude, as anyone that knows me will attest), and Evin and I were feeling the laser beam stares of all the other poor souls lined up behind us. I shudder to think of the myriad of terrible things muttered behind our backs during our marathon shipping session.

So, watch out Chandler Area Post Officer Goers because Shipapalooza Round Two (which will hopefully round out the rest of rewards) is coming soon!

Anyways, till next week!