Dissenting opinions…

This is one of those pages that sneaks up on you. At first blush, it might seem like what we here at ThreeOneFive Ranch like to call a “fly-over page.” There isn’t any action to speak of. There’s very little in the way of plot development. And, there is no shocking revelation (save for the little nugget dropped in the last panel). Normally, we try to avoid these pages like the plague. Keeping up a fast pace is crucial to the one-page-a-week format.

However, for my money this page is all the RICHER for missing those supposed “must have” elements. The interaction between Doc and the Chaplain give insight into their characters and reinforces their roles on the crew, and is also just plain fun. We also get a glimpse of Doc as we have never seen him before…just HOW MUCH was the man changed by his transformation in to a vampire?

Be here NEXT WEEK to see just HOW FAR Doc has fallen! Also, who is behind the MYSTERIOUS voice in the last panel, and what is their AGENDA? All of that and more is coming to a computer screen near you in just 7 days!

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As I believe I’ve mentioned :) we have some BIG NEWS coming and the mailing list is where you will hear about it all first. Also, we’ve been sending EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes content direct to subscribers’ inboxes every Friday…but NOW the FINAL COUNTDOWN has begun.

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Welp, what do you think, did I sell that hard enough? Maybe there are some subscribers out there (who have already seen the first tease) who would like to weigh in?

Anyways, till next week!