Apocalypse Now!?

Well, that tatted up guy at the bottom of the page certainly thinks so. In the script we called him the DOOMSAYER, and he lives up to that name on this page, for sure. You get the feeling that he’s been standing next to the King FOR YEARS just waiting for the opportunity to blurt out this prophecy and totally ruin everyone’s day.

Oh, and if anybody out there was wondering if the Daredevils were just going to be moping around on shore leave for this entire story, this page should definitively put those predictions to rest. An active volcano…a dire prophecy…and FIERY DOOM? Sounds like a job for the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS!

(To be fair, though, there is still a bit of moping in store – SAD STUFF totally happened and it has taken its toll– but from here on out it will be in service to the plot.)

Be here NEXT WEEK to see just what Doc, The Chaplain, and the King all think about the volcano going BOOM and that prophecy of DOOM. And, is it possible there is more going on than meets the eye? Find out in just 7 days, when a page rife with conflicting philosophies hit the blotter!

(Jeez…”conflicting philosophies”, huh? Exciting stuff. What is this a tease for a term paper? Oh, hush you! It’ll make sense once you read the page.)

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Anyways, till next week!