The S.E.A. Drive!

I’ve been waiting a LOOONG time for this page. The Custer, basically, just went to FRICKIN’ warp speed, you guys! As you know, we here at the ThreeOneFive are huge Star Trek fans, so this should really come as no surprise. This moment has been coming since the first time we saw Danilo’s sketch of the Custer with those two big, beautiful thrusters bolted onto the bottom. And, thanks to Danilo’s masterful illustrations and Steven’s brilliant design, it has truly been worth the wait.

But that’s not all! What does the “S.E.A.” acronym in S.E.A. Drive stand for anyway? Well, because we love our readers but mostly because we are lazy, we are going to let YOU decide! That’s right, we’re leaving it up to you, the readers. Post your suggestions in the comments BELOW.

A “winner” will be chosen not only by how cool the name sounds, but also by how close it is to guessing what is ACTUALLY powering the Drive inside the Custer. Make no mistake, we know essentially what the S.E.A. Drive is and what is does, we are just leaving the actual name up for grabs.

What do you get for SUCCESSFULLY naming the S.E.A Drive? Nothing but GLORY.

Speaking of glory…NEXT WEEK’S page will be one of those pages that you look back at years later and say, “THAT’S where it all started!” In just 7 days, we set our SIGHTS on McGinty! Be there or be square. Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow if you haven’t already.

If you can’t tell, I’m in a really good mood right now. Remember those SECRET projects I told you about last week? Well, one of them was a rollercoaster this week – full of ups and downs – but by week’s end everything seems to have come up roses (sly/late Valentine’s Day reference). I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Sorry, to be such a tease…actual news is coming SOON, I promise.

Welp, time to wrap ‘er up. BTW, the Sunday Bonus Lunch is pretty dang good this week, but don’t tell Evin I said so. And, as always, thanks for reading.

Anyways, till next week!


PS – Sorry for the outage this morning. We forgot to renew the domain, but we are safe from our forgetfulness for another year!