Time for the SIZZLE!

It’s rare when you can empathize with the PRINCE of DARKNESS, but this week – having a jacked up face myself – I totally feel Drac’s pain. Long story short, I had to have a nasty bit of basal cell skin cancer cut off my chin last week, and I am still sporting a pretty gnarly wound held together by 6 stitches. No fun. So, I hope Dracula didn’t let his health insurance coverage lapse during his time at the bottom of the ocean because he is DEFINITELY going to have to see a Dermatologist if he survives this close encounter with Abigail Singer.

Be here NEXT WEEK for Dracula’s EPIC skin appointment! Ha! Seriously though, the battle for the fate of the PLANET continues next Tuesday, and a midst the chaos a moment arrives that we’ve been waiting patiently to unleash since the comic’s launch. In just 7 days, prepare yourself for a major Deep Dive Daredevils MILESTONE! Make sure to RSS, Like, of Follow if you haven’t already.

Well, things have been mighty stressful lately here at The ThreeOneFive Ranch. We are burning the candle at both ends/working our fingers to the bone to put together some very exciting projects for the first half of 2014! Announcements are forthcoming, but this is a fair warning to keep your eyes on this blog for exciting news coming down the pike. Also, please excuse me if in the next couple of weeks I cut the proceeding here a little short to devote more time to bringing you guys ACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT, rather than wasting all my time rambling on about this or that.

With that in mind, I’m going to hit the dusty trail once again and get back to work on secret awesome stuff. In the meantime, I suggest you mosey on over to the Sunday Bonus Lunch for a rootin’ tootin’ good time. Man, that was too many cowboy references…sorry.

Anyways, till next week!