And, FINALLY Pitch Black Day Chapter 4 begins!

It’s been a LONG break between chapters (one of the longest in our entire run, I believe), and I for one am happy as heck to have the first comic page of 2014 on the blotter. Since it’s been a while, we figured a little recap was in order. You know, to get everybody re-acquainted with the pieces and their positions on the board. But also, we’ve moved the plot forward a bit in certain instances, as well, to make room for the avalanche of stuff coming down the pike. Lots of ACTION! Lots of CHARACTERS! Lots of LOCATIONS! And, it’s all coming to a computer screen near you in that indelible Daredevils’ style…buckle up boy and girls, it’s a WILD RIDE from here on out!

Oh, and a quick correction from last week’s blog – we have 8 weeks of uninterrupted comics coming your way, not 10. BOO! HISS! I hear you…I hear you, but trust me, it will all work out in the end.

Speaking of the end, be here NEXT WEEK to see if Dracula really has everything as locked down as he thinks he does. If it is indeed true that NOTHING can stop him now, then there must be a whole mess of boring pages with Dracula gloating about his victory coming up. That seems unlikely, so definitely EXPECT the UNEXPECTED!

Also, in just 7 days we drop a BOMBSHELL revelation concerning a certain redheaded secret agent. Here’s a hint: hopefully, you’ve been paying close attention and READING the freaking prose, you lazy so-and-so. You have been warned.

And, you guys/gals know that we can see how many people read the comic every week, right? Well, we can, and that number is WAY higher than the number of people who have taken the plunge and RSSed, Liked, or Followed. If you could see my face right now, I reckon you would say it looks mighty disappointed. Make with the clicks and turn my frown upside down, won’t you?

Finally, Evin’s blog is really long this week, but filled with cool behind the scenes images and info. So, do the cost vs. benefit analysis in your head and decide whether or not you want to read the Sunday Bonus Lunch this week.

Anyways, till next week!