Hey Daredevilers,

It’s Dan, and with Matt out of town this week, the blog is all mine to write as I see fit. But I’ll probably just follow Matt’s normal format anyway.

So now we know why Doc has been clutching his arm and sweating so profusely. He’s been BITTEN! Edison’s Mother! It’s only a matter of time before the world’s Greatest Man of Science turns into a mindless fish vampire! Will Doc do as Dracula commands, or will he have the strength of will to defy the KING of SUBSYLVANIA?!

Stay tuned for the penultimate page of this chapter of PITCH BLACK DAY! Next week we will check back in with the crew of the Custer to see what their plans are to try to save their friends, Doc McCarver and Deveraux.

As there are only two pages left in this chapter, you may be wondering just what we have in store for the chapter break this time. We were really pleased with the feedback we got on The Lost Chapter of Dracula, and we are now planning to do many more things like this in the future. Well this time we are delving in to the SECRET FILES of SECTION X! It will be all about the clandestine organization that our heroine Abigail Singer works for. Make sure to check it out!

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I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the Sunday Bonus Lunch. I can’t imagine when Evin found the time to write it this week, because we a Fantasy Football party on Sunday, and it took up good portion of our day.

Well, until the next time Matt is on Vacation…