It’s payback time!

The Daredevils have been taking it in the shorts for a while now, but FINALLY they seem to be kicking it into gear. Despite a deck very much stacked against them, they aren’t going down without a fight. However, with the fracture between Joe and the Captain, and the ship STILL infested with vampires, is it too little too late?

Welp, pages from Chapter 3 are hitting my inbox on a regular basis, courtesy of Danilo, and I can happily report that WIN or LOSE, LIVE or DIE, you are certainly in for one a hell of ride! Right off the bat things go BOOM, and it just gets bigger from there. Mark my words, Pitch Black Day Chapter 3 will be the most ACTION-PACKED episode of Deep Dive Daredevils yet.

But, FIRST, it’s time to blow the doors off this sucker! Be here NEXT WEEK for the MOST SHOCKING PAGE EVER!! Set your calendar, and pack a clean pair of underwear because the CONCLUSION of Chapter 2 is just 7 days away. And, even if you think you know what’s coming, believe me, the reality is much worse than anything you can imagine. Make sure to RSS, Like, Follow, and, seriously, prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario…

Also, I’d like to thank Dan for filling in last week while I was living it up in the California sun, kicking back with my feet in the sand. My family and I had a great time, but I totally did miss you guys…promise. It’s good to be back and I’m happy to see that everything is just like I left it.

Well, the Sunday Bonus Lunch serves up a GIF this week that I guarantee you’ll be watching over-and-over. Oh, and there are some words above it and below it too for those that are inclined to read and stuff.

Anyways, till next week!