I feel you, Twitchy.

As you may have guessed it’s mega-plot download time, and if I do say so myself it IS a doozy! Blot out the SUN, huh? That sounds pretty bad to me. And, since Doc isn’t around any longer to tell us what it all means, here’s some science stuff all about the dire consequences in-store for a planet shrouded in darkness. Gotta hand it to Dracula, his plan’s pretty diabolical.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit like Twitchy at the moment, I don’t blame you. There’s been A LOT of speechifying and whatnot going on these last few pages. But, now all the pieces are on the game board, and it’s time to start rolling the 12-sided dice!

Be here NEXT WEEK to witness a Daredevil’s UNDOING! The dominos begin to fall in just 7 days, but for WHOM does the BELL TOLL?! If you care at all for the stalwart men who serve on the Custer, make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow because after WHAT COMES NEXT they will need your support more than ever!

By the way, if you’ve noticed an uncharacteristically zippy tone to this week’s blog, it’s because I’m counting down the hours until the family and I hit the road for a much-loved American tradition – the summer family vacation. What that means for you is that Dan will be handling the blog next week, so remember to bring your smelling salts.

Fair warning: If everything goes to hell in a hand basket next week don’t blame me. I’m just eating a cheeseburger in paradise (Jimmy Buffer reference?), and it’s Dan and Evin who will have failed to hold our comics empire together without me around to mind the store.

Oh, and Evin ACTUALLY wrote the Sunday Bonus Lunch this week. We’re all so proud of him. *Slow Clap*

See ya, suckers!