So, our grand experiment has concluded and I hope you guys had as much fun with it as we did. And by fun I mean, untold hours sitting in front of a keyboard, and gnashing of the teeth over contentious edits! TMI?

Anyway, who were those MASKED MEN?! And by that I mean, who in the blue hell are Dracula’s mysterious benefactors who arrived at the bottom of the ocean in a pretty badass sounding submarine? Well, yes, that certainly is a question isn’t it…

While you ponder that, I’ll go ahead and tell you what comes NEXT!

Next week is a break, but trust me, you will kick yourself if you miss out on the pin-up coming courtesy of a MYSTERIOUS GUEST ARTIST, featuring a CROSSOVER between the Daredevils and ??? Look no further than the comments for clues to this sensational artist’s identity…

Then high tail it back here on July 30th for the kick-off of Pitch Black Day Chapter Two! That’s right, prepare yourself for a return to the regularly scheduled programming, and as usual, Danilo is bringing the awesome! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow because you’ve got to see what comes NEXT!

ATTN: Daredevilers! Yet again, Danilo’s full-size, unaltered pencil illustration is available to view with your eyeballs NOW if you have the gumption to crack this code…


Not yet a Daredeviler? It’s FREE. Rectify the situation here.

Well, here at ThreeOneFive Ranch we’re swinging from the rafters making last minutes preparations for our road trip to the San Diego Comicon. Think, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, except way more boring and less mescaline. Remember, if you want to waste your time at the Con talking to three pretty cool dudes who make adventure comics just get in touch through some form of Internet communication. Oh, and read the Sunday Bonus Lunch because REUBEN SANDWICH SPIDER-MAN.

Anyways, till next week!