MEGA thanks to Rich Clabaugh, creator/artist/writer of the Graveyard Gang!

As huge fans of the Graveyard Gang, seeing this week’s crossover cover with the Deep Dive Daredevils for the first time was a THRILL that we here at the ThreeOneFive Ranch still haven’t properly gotten over. Rich’s interpretations of Doc, Joe, Cup, and McGinty are a joy, and he’s infused this cover image with so much life that I can’t help imagining “SACRIFICE of the SEA HAG” play out before my eyes…if only we could turn the page! I mean, we’d been talking to Rich about doing something like for a while – some sort of mash-up of the DDD and GG characters – but, when Rich headed off to the drawing board and returned with this cover to MYSTERIOUS SEA ADVENTURES #9, all of our expectations were blown out of the water!

But, then again, we definitely shouldn’t have been surprised because anyone who reads the Graveyard Gang knows that Rich delivers the goods week-after-week – eye popping artwork, layered storytelling, and inventive tales chock-full of heart. You can’t help but smile at the mis-adventures of Sneezer, Lope, Marcie, Buster, and Presto as they bicker and bumble their way through one spooky mystery after another in their aptly named hometown, Ghostport, Massachusetts. However, the real treat of the GG is that while you’re chuckling at the Gang’s hijinks, Rich is setting you up for moments that are either genuinely creepy, or in the case of my favorite story, “The Return of the Atalanta”, achingly poignant.

Seriously, if you aren’t yet reading the Graveyard Gang, do yourself a favor and rectify that situation NOW!

…There, see, aren’t you happy you listened?

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Welp, time wrap this baby up…Thanks again to Rich Clabaugh for his wonderful work, and continued support of the Deep Dive Daredevils! And, yeah, read the Sunday Bonus Lunch for more good times.

Anyways, till next week!