All has been revealed! Or, has it?

By my count this is only part three of a four part series, so there must be more to tell. But, then again, when I look at my checklist, essentially all the boxes have been ticked. Lets see:

1. How did Dracula end up at the bottom of the ocean? CHECK

2. What is the explanation for Dracula’s altered appearance? CHECK (except for the mullet).

3. What are the origins of the Fish-man Vampires? CHECK

4. What is Dracula’s plan/agenda? CHECK

Am I missing anything? Nope, I’m pretty sure those are the main plot points/explanations that needed to be covered. So, you may be asking, “Why is there a fourth part to this prose interlude, ThreeOneFive dudes?”

And, the answer is, “I’m not telling.” You’ll just have to be here NEXT WEEK for the final, SHOCKING secret of Dracula’s undersea ODYSSEY! Mark my words; in just 7 days you will experience an event with SHOCKWAVES that will reverberate for YEARS to come! If you are invested in the Deep Dive Daredevils’ SAGA then make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow because you DO NOT want to miss what’s next…

ATTN: Daredevilers! Solve this puzzle NOW…

To view Danilo Guida’s latest stupendous pencil illustration, full-size and unaltered!

Welp, it’s been a crazy week here at the ThreeOneFive Ranch, as we get geared up to head out to the San Diego Comicon in just a few weeks. We won’t be tabling at this year’s show, but if anybody wants to meet up, or just say hi, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or and we’ll make every effort catch up with you amidst all the craziness.

As always, head on over to the blog for a taste of the Sunday Bonus Lunch. This week’s entrée is a little salty, though, so those with a delicate palate, you have been warned…

Anyways, till next week!