“How can the same $@#& happen to the same guy twice?” *

I’m sure Joe’s feeling a little déjà vu, and rightly so. Only thing is, the last time he looked a hull breach in the eye he was hit by a wall of water, nearly drowned, and then swallowed whole by a WEREWHALE! But, this time might it actually be…stranger? What the heck is going on? Well, hang tight dear reader because…

NEXT WEEK Doc is on the CASE! Set your Internet dials to BELIEVE IT OR NOT, for a page that has to be seen to be believed! Seriously, use CAUTION and avoid consuming liquids while reading next week’s page, as the SPIT-TAKE quotient is ALARMINGLY high. So, be here in just 7 days when Joe and Doc have a close encounter that they very well might not walk away from! It all comes to a head next week so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

In other news, the Daredevils where featured in a podcast by the fellas from Ancillary Characters. DDD is mentioned toward the end of the podcast – around the 50 minute mark – but make sure to listen to the whole thing as a lot of other great webcomics are reviewed, including our good pal Vince Dorse’s fantastic comic Untold Tales of Bigfoot. So, yeah, big thanks to the Ancillary Characters and Seth Breedlove in particular for the shout out. Glad you guys are digging the Daredevils!

Welp, that about wraps this bad-boy up for this week. But first, make sure to stop by the blog for the ever-exciting Sunday Bonus Lunch. Evin’s been using it as his private soapbox lately and has exposed the sordid inner workings of The ThreeOneFive. DRAMA!

Anyways, till next week!


*Props to anyone who recognized John McClane’s quote from Die Hard 2: Die Harder. If you think about it John McClane and Joe actually have a lot in common, other than McClane’s constant cursing and murdering, that is. Ha!