They (more or less) are the reason why I NEVER swim in the ocean! Come to think of it, I know for a fact that Evin won’t step foot in the ocean, either. Not so sure about Dan, but I can say I have never witnessed him step into the ocean. So, yes, the UNDERWATER adventure strip you read week after week is brought to you by three dudes who are TERRIFIED of open water.

Seriously though, when a human being steps into the ocean they re-enter the food chain, and most certainly not at the top. Man’s dominion over the earth stops at the shoreline, and Doc, Joe, and the rest of the Daredevils are about to learn that the hard way…

NEXT WEEK things go from BAD to WORSE! Set your Internet dials to BREATHLESS because from here on out the pace does not let up! In just 7 days you will witness the Deep Dive Daredevils’ UNDOING, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

A quick note: May is nearly upon us, and when I think of that month the first thing that comes to mind (other than my daughter’s birthday and my wedding anniversary) is summer blockbuster movies. After all, May is the month that STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, THE AVENGERS, and so many other huge movies first hit the silver screen. I would never presume to add Deep Dive Daredevils to such a list, but all the same, this May we are going to deliver BLOCKBUSTER ACTION, light years beyond anything we’ve produced before. Danilo has leveled up yet again, and the pages coming in are nothing short of AMAZING! So, please spread the word! I can promise that those you clue into the Deep Dive Daredevils will not be disappointed.

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Anyways, till next week!