We’re not sorry that we tricked you.*

So…turns out it was Deveraux who stole the idol, busted it open, and gazed into the blade on the previous page. As I’m writing this, I get the feeling that some of you out there are feeling bamboozled, and perhaps a bit irked that we would pull such a blatant bait-and-switch and toy with your emotions so callously. Well, sorry, but that was the whole FRICKIN’ point!

When we plotted out this scene the gag with McGinty’s reflection in the blade was not part of the original plan. However, when I was scripting and fumbling around for a cliffhanger the idea for this little trick came to me and it was just too good to pass up for two reasons…

1. With the page a week format, the prospect that McGinty might somehow be alive would hang out there all week and cause all types of speculation.

2. And, once it is revealed that it was actually Deveraux holding the blade the illusion of McGinty’s reflection in the blade makes perfect sense within the context of the story. Whether it is a grief-stricken hallucination or an actual ghostly appearance by the late, great Scottish brute, I’ll leave up for speculation.

In addition to the aforementioned chicanery, I also just really like this page. Smilton’s art is fantastic, and the tense confrontation between Joe and Deveraux is some of our best writing yet, I think. And, I LOVE that we got a moment where Deveraux – the Daredevils’ resident ladies man – gets to give Joe a little pre-marital advice (which the Old Sarge called, BTW)!

Be here NEXT WEEK, when we switch gears and catch up with DOC! What will his role be in the second half of End(s) of the Earth(s) now that Joe’s predicament has forced his hand? Also, prepare to be WOWED by yet another beautiful vista illustrated by Smilton!

But FIRST, I would highly recommend that you head over to the newly minted blog of commenter-extraordinaire, Timothy Cramer. His first article is titled, DARING TO DIVE INTO THE DEEP AND THE DARK and it is an in-depth examination of the plot of Pitch Black Day! If you follow Timothy’s comments here then you know that his analysis is spot-on, insightful, and informative, and now that he is writing full-length articles it is even more so. Check it out!

Anyways, till next week!


*If you recognize this reference then we are probably homies for life.