It’s déjà vu all over again for Doc this week. As you might recall, we’ve put the good doctor through the proverbial wringer for the last…oh, TWO YEARS or so, and as you can see we are not letting up on the poor guy anytime soon.

First, we transformed him into a vampire. Then, under the influence of Dracula, we made him complicit in a plot to blot out the sun. After the aforementioned ordeals during Pitch Black Day, we put him on an island with a raging volcano when he craved nothing more than to rest and recuperate. And now, he’s been dragged into yet another adventure, one with eerie similarities to his recent traumas.

Are we sadists – just a bunch of mean dudes who enjoy torturing our characters? We’re writers…so, yeah, pretty much.

Be here NEXT WEEK, for a final panel you have to see to believe! If you thought we were done &#$%ing with Doc, then you’ve got another thing coming. In just 7 days, prepare yourself for a moment that will make you re-evaluate EVERYTHING you know about Doc and the Deep Dive Daredevils!

Welp, it’s been a crazy week here at the ThreeOneFive Ranch. We’ve really ramped up our workload, adding a heaping helping of Kickstarter fulfillment duties to our regular responsibilities here at home base. It’s all good though because last week we got a test print of some SotBS pages on the paper stock that we’re using for the comic, and it was an absolute THRILL to hold those pages in my hands for the first time. The look of ink on paper and the feel of it between your fingers – it’s nothing short of MAGIC!

Oh, and Dan and I hosted Evin’s bachelor party over the weekend! (Yes, he has in fact bamboozled some poor girl into making the worst decision of her life…marrying Evin Dempsey.) Since this is a “family” comic, unfortunately, I can’t divulge any details about the soiree, but I know for a FACT that Evin was feeling the after effects well into the days that followed.

Anyways, till next week!