DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS – Golden Age Sci-Fi Adventure -- Kicktraq Mini

DDD Kickstarter week two!

First, I just want to say THANK YOU to all the Daredevilers out there who backed our Kickstarter, shared the link on their social media networks, and told family and friends. Because of you we had an AMAZING first week! Here’s an update on the state of the campaign:

1. The Kickstarter was fully funded in just 12 HOURS! No more “ifs”…Deep Dive Daredevils No. 1 is a GO!

2. We have already blown through TWO stretch goals! Now all backers who pledge $15 or above will get a FREE embroidered “Submarine” patch that looks like this:

Free Patch!

In addition, the trading cards we are offering in the $25 or above pledge levels will now have BRAND NEW custom art by Danilo!

3. We are currently climbing toward our THIRD stretch goal! If we can reach $6500 the comic will expand from 48 to 52 pages, adding EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes material and EXTRA pin-ups.

If you want your own copy of DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS No. 1 but haven’t backed the project yet for whatever reason, do it NOW. The second week of a Kickstarter campaign is usually the slowest, so backing this week would REALLY help us keep the ball rolling.

Also, SHARE this link – KickStarter! – on all of your social networks as much as you can. We NEED your help to keep spreading the good word. Also, make sure to point friends, family, and colleagues that you think might dig the Daredevils to the campaign.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yes, we’ve already hit the funding goal and the comic is GUARANTEED to be printed, but the campaign isn’t over. NOT BY A LONG SHOT! This is an opportunity to bring NEW readers into the fold and make our little community here even more VIBRANT than it is already. Now is the best chance to pull that off, and with your SUPPORT I know we can do it.

However, while things are going GREAT for the Kickstarter, they’re LOUSY as all get-out for Joe! The King has just condemned him to DEATH for a crime he didn’t commit, and it can’t get much worse than that. Or can it?

Make sure to be here NEXT WEEK for the SHOCKING finale to End(s) of the Earth(s) Chapter One! I guarantee you WILL NOT see this one coming…

Anyways, till next week!