Just in case it wasn’t clear from the first two pages, a big driving force behind the events of End(s) of the Earth(s) is going to be the emotional fallout from the events of Pitch Black Day –scars left behind from the Daredevils’ confrontation with the (former) King of Subsylvania. All of the main players are out of sorts, not themselves, and that is going to make for some interesting DRAMA that we haven’t seen before in DDD. Whereas Secret of the Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day were heavily plot driven, this new story is going to be primarily driven by the characters. Here’s hoping you guys/gals dig the change of pace.

DDD TRIVIA: Completely by accident or perhaps subliminally, this page ends in the EXACT same way as page 3 of Secret of the Beaufort Sea – with a mysterious hand grabbing Doc’s shoulder and cutting him off mid-sentence. It’s either just a funny coincidence or our writing ticks are really starting to show.

Anyway, be here NEXT WEEK to witness a Daredevil make a SHOCKING decision that will shake his fellow crewman to the core! Trust me, it will be a moment that you simply CANNOT miss. In just 7 days, prepare yourself for the UNTHINKABLE.

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