Beautiful Vistas & Ominous Rumblings!

Not only is this arguably one of the most GORGEOUS pages to ever grace blotter – which in and of itself is reason enough to celebrate and give Smilton a big’ol pat on the back – but it is also the 100th COMIC PAGE update!!

No matter how you slice it that is a pretty significant milestone. If you had asked me, WAY back when we launched the Deep Dive Daredevils, if we would ever make it to 100 pages I honestly think I would have said no. I mean, we’ve always had grand plans and ambitions for The Daredevils, but there was just no way to predict the wonderful creative partnerships we have forged, not to mention the legion of dedicated readers we’ve welcomed aboard along he way.

So, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Danilo Guida, Steven Finch, and Smilton Roa Klaassen for literally bringing our dreams to life. And, to anyone who’s ever read even a single DDD page, thank you for sharing in our dreams. Together, you’ve sustained and inspired Dan, Evin, and I more than I can properly express.

Raise your glasses, Daredevilers. Here’s to another 100 pages and beyond!

Be here NEXT WEEK for the 101st page, as the FALLOUT from the tragic events of Pitch Black Day continues to unfold. Also, what was McGinty’s connection to this Pacific Island PARADISE? Find out in just 7 days!

COOL STUFF ALERT: In an effort to bolster the ranks of Daredevilers who’ve signed up for the MAILING LIST (find it at the top of the left sidebar underneath the radio tower), from here on out on FRIDAYS we will send out some manner of EXCLUSIVE content to subscribers. Stuff like – pages in progress, completed pages before they hit the blotter, never before seen artwork, script pages, and sneak peeks at what is to come in our upcoming HUGE ANNOUCEMENT! So, what are you waiting for…SIGN UP NOW!

Welp, no new Sunday Bonus Lunch this week. FYI, Evin’s blog updates may be a bit more spotty than usual in the coming weeks, as he is hard at work on some SUPER-SECRET stuff. Trust me it will be worth it…

Anyways, till next week!