The Final Farewell(s)!

I think it is quite appropriate to wrap up Pitch Black Day’s backmatter with a pair of blood stained letters, don’t you?

In the first blood soaked correspondence, we FINALLY get a look at a letter referenced in not one, but two previous backmatter installments – Van Helsing’s posthumous “#@$& YOU” to his old comrade in arms, Arthur Holmwood. So furious was he that his one-time friend would have him killed to conceal the truth of their encounter with Dracula, Van Helsing unleashed a DARK secret that he knew would cut Arthur to the bone. I’m sure, however, that he never dreamed it would drive Arthur mad and precipitate a brutal murder, but such is the power of friendship – it can save you in your darkest hour (such as the case of Joe and Doc) or it can utterly destroy you.

And, while the Van Helsing letter pretty well wraps up the final lose ends – both plot-wise and thematically – we just couldn’t resist giving you a glimpse of a certain ravishing red-head’s future beyond the pages of PBD. This final correspondence, I believe, nicely encapsulates everything we’ve grown to love about Abigail; she’s deadly, witty, and sexy as hell. Will we ever see her again in the pages of Deep Dive Daredevils, or will we ever flesh out this tease of the new mission she’s embarked on? Sorry folks, I ain’t tellin’.

Speaking of correspondence, eagle-eyed Daredevilers will notice a new feature at the top of the left sidebar – a brand spankin’ new Deep Dive Daredevils MAILING LIST! As I mentioned last week, BIG THINGS are coming down the pike and when the time comes we want to be able to communicate with you guys/gals directly. So, please PLEASE take a second RIGHT NOW and sign up! I PROMISE that we will never spam your inbox or send you frivolous emails. Rest assured, the mailing list will only be utilized when we need to make contact about worthwhile, substantive events. Thanks!

Welp, be here NEXT WEEK when we unveil the cover to END(S) of the EARTH(S) and a NEW ERA for the Deep Dive Daredevils officially begins!

As always, stop by the Sunday Bonus Lunch for Evin’s warped perspective on all things Daredevils related, but DEAR GOD only look at it out of the corner of your eye for I fear his madness could be contagious.

Anyways, till next week!