A hero fails!

We spent three weeks and thousands of words building up Abigail in the preceding backmatter interlude…only to have Dracula completely break her down in a scant few panels this week in the kickoff to the fifth and FINAL chapter of Pitch Black Day. Man, are we some mean dudes, or what? Talk about pulling the rug out from under your feet. If we did our jobs correctly, when you clicked on this page today you cared about Abigail more than ever, and now she is, at best, DEFEATED by her arch-nemesis and, at worst, KILLED. And where does that leave you, dear reader? In LIMBO, right where we want you.

The real question is, however, if Chapter 5 started out with a page this bleak, what SHOCKS and HORRORS still lie in wait? Well, if I even hinted at what’s coming in the final 9 pages Evin, Dan, and Danilo would skewer me worse than Dracula did Abigail, so my lips are sealed.

Be here NEXT WEEK for another pivotal page on the march to the CLIMAX of Pitch Black Day! After what happened to Abigail do you have the fortitude to bear witness to the final confrontation between Joe and Vampire Doc? In just 7 days a SURPRISING turn of events changes everything, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow lest you might miss out.

Haven’t done this for a while, so I just want to THANK each and every Daredeviler who takes time out of their busy life every week to spend a little time with us here, reading and commenting. I am just now realizing (literally as I type this) that this week marks the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of the launch of the Deep Dive Daredevils, and you guys and your enthusiasm for our story are the reason that we continue to do this week in and week out. Sincerely, thank you for allowing us to share our dreams with you.

I guess that means it’s the second anniversary of the Sunday Bonus Lunch, as well, which is a much less auspicious event, but noteworthy all the same.

Anyways, till next week!