Agent Singer goes rogue!

In the grand tradition of badasses like Jack Bauer, John McClane and Martin Riggs, Abigail is off the reservation and playing by her own rules. But really, is it any wonder? After all, she’s just realized that her life – her very identity – is a lie, and that she works for the very organization that conspired to manipulated her mind. Not to mention the fact that her mother/protector/stabilizing force is dead, gone, and no longer able to guide her. Now, the only semblance of control she has left in her life is her ability to destroy the MONSTER ultimately responsible for all her woes – Dracula! And, that more or less brings us to where we found Abigail at the beginning of Pitch Black Day. The circle is complete…

Or is it? There is one interesting new wrinkle in this week’s prose that changes the context of Abigail’s mission quite drastically. Even if she is able to defeat Dracula, save the world from eternal darkness (with the help of the Daredevils, natch), and return safely to England, she will find herself hunted and marked for death by Section X itself. Man, this girl just CANNOT catch a break, can she?

But, before that is even a concern Abigail must first survive her confrontation with Dracula, and right now that ain’t looking very likely. Be here NEXT WEEK for the kick-off to the fifth and FINAL chapter of Pitch Black Day! That’s right, in just 7 days join us for the beginning of the end!

Will Abigail defeat Dracula and avenge her family? What will become of Joe at the hands of vampire Doc? And, what about McGinty!? All that and some stunning surprises too are coming your way so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow so you don’t miss out!

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Anyways, till next week!