BLASH! McGinty takes center stage!

It’s been a long road for McGinty from “Big Scottish Guy in the background” to arguably the baddest ass Daredevil there is, but I think it’s been worth it, don’t you? Anyway, his best friend is in trouble and he doesn’t care how many faces he has to punch off to get to him. Friendship like that is rare

We here at the The ThreeOneFive constantly have things to thank Danilo for, but the BIGGEST thank you ever has to be for giving us McGinty and Deveraux. And, now they’re both stepping out of the shadows to become a HUGE part of the comic going forward, especially here as we move into the second half of Pitch Black Day. Hold on to your hats because big things are a’ coming!

Oh, and here’s a fun game – count the DECAPITATIONS! Heads are popping off all over the place, and it’s becoming abundantly clear that Abigail does not like vampires, and they most certainly do not like her…

Be here NEXT WEEK to see Abigail’s DANCE of DEATH continue! But, will Abigail’s blade and Joe’s bow be enough to hold the vampire hordes at bay with McGinty off giving chase to Deveraux? Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow because the action is nowhere near letting up.

And, again, mega thumbs up to EVERYONE voting for the Deep Dive Daredevils at Top Web Comics. We’re so proud of this story and especially the last few page, and your votes are getting both A LOT of exposure on the front page of TWC. Thanks, Daredevilers!

Finally…don’t miss probably the best, most coherent installment of the Sunday Bonus Lunch in recent memory. Dare I say, good job, Evin?

Anyways, till next week!