It is freaking on!

Longtime Daredevilers know that Danilo has delivered some truly EPIC splash pages in the past, but if you ask me this is his greatest effort yet – an instant CLASSIC! Not only is it a fantastic all-in-one visual, but it is constructed in such a way (and helped along by some superb lettering) that the reader’s eye lingers on the page following a circular layout; experiencing each individual element of the composition individually, as well. You hear every shot, feel every blow, and can almost smell the burning vampire corpses!

Also, I’m sure a good number of you guys/gals have caught the rather overt Quentin Tarantino references starting on at the end of the previous page, and continuing here. First, on the last page Danilo paid homage to Tarantino’s patented trunk perspective shot. Then there’s Abigail’s line straddling the pages, which is a huge nod to one of my favorite vampire flicks, From Dusk till Dawn. Anyway, just a little inside baseball for those of you keeping score at home.

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Anyways, till next week!