Welcome Director!

And, welcome to the second prose interlude, The Section X Secret Files! This time around we’re placing you, the reader, in the Director’s chair, so to speak. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be granted TOP SECRET clearance, and have the opportunity to thumb through a dossier never before seen by civilian eyes! Already, eagle-eyed Daredevilers have no doubt begun to see how Section X connects to larger tapestry we are weaving. Well, let me assure you this first week is just a primer…

Be Here NEXT WEEK when as we dig deep into the Section X archives and uncover a HEARTBREAKING story that will play out to dramatic effect at the climax of Pitch Black Day! The HOLMWOOD MEMORANDUM is just 7 days away, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow now!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t make special mention of the two talented dudes who brought you this week’s page, Evin Dempsey and Danilo Guida. As we’re all very well aware Danilo is an incredible artist, and this week he has proven it yet again with those unbelievably fantastic portraits of Dracula and Jack the Ripper (and, yes, we will have them available full-size, and unaltered in the member’s area soon).

However, everything else you see on the blotter this week is all thanks to Evin. He wrote the copy and designed/generated all the graphics and aging effects. He even got his folks, Mark and Denise Dempsey, in on the act, using their handwriting samples on the “Identacards.” Nice work, kid! Don’t get cocky.

And, man, we are SO CLOSE to cracking the top 200 at Top Web Comics! I’m talking like one or two votes away, people. So, if you have the time and you dig the Daredevils please vote now! And finally, it’s time again to check out the Sunday Bonus Lunch, but make sure to take any official announcements with a grain of salt. For example, this week Evin told all his loyal readers that Pitch Black Day Chapter Three will be 12 pages long…WRONG! It’s 10 pages, bro. You were there for that meeting, right?

Anyways, till next week!