A break in the ranks!

Sometimes tragedy brings people together and other times it tears them apart. It sure looks as if the Daredevils are experiencing the latter. It’s funny, this is a page that was never in any of the original outlines we wrote for this story many moons ago, but while I was scripting the beginning of Chapter Two, I could feel the frustration, anger, and sadness building within Joe. Instead of fighting that feeling I decided to set him loose and see where it would go. As it turns out the destination was an epic meltdown/temper tantrum, the likes of which any parent can’t help but find familiar. At the time it rang true, and now thinking about it again it still strikes me as rather appropriate. After all, despite all the amazing things he does, underneath it all, Joe is still just a kid. Hang in there, lil’ buddy.

Also, I’d like to officially welcome Father O’Flaherty to the cast of the Deep Dive Daredevils. Every ship needs a Chaplain, and it’s no surprise to find a quite extraordinary one serving on the Custer, now is it? The good Father will play a big part in Pitch Black Day and beyond, so here’s hoping you guys dig our sword slinging holy man!

And, man-oh-man is the War Room freaking cool or what? We get our first really good look at it here in panel 5, and as usual Danilo has out done himself. I mean, even with a good portion of the panel’s background covered by word balloons there are more dials, levers, and valves than you can shake a stick at! Danilo works himself to the bone to bring the Custer to life and make it a character in and of itself, and we here at the ThreeOneFive couldn’t be more grateful for his dedication. Look! Behold! Enjoy!

Be here NEXT WEEK, as we cut away from the shenanigans on the Custer, and re-focus on the DIABOLICAL evil of DRACULA! Why did he abduct Doc, and to what end? In just 7 days prepare yourself for a CLASSIC villain monologue of EPIC proportions! Make sure to RSS, Like, Follow, and spread the good word about the Deep Dive Daredevils!

Welp, that’s another week in the books. Before you go about your business, take the chance of a lifetime and hit up the Sunday Bonus Lunch for the ramblings of a naked man sitting on a towel. ‘NUFF SAID!

Anyways, till next week!