And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

So, we’re back and the situation on the Custer is grim. Men have died, friends are missing, and the Fish-Vampires are running amok on board. The Deep Dive Daredevils have been dropped in the middle of a house of horrors, and they aren’t going make it out unscathed. This is their darkest hour and this page makes that plainly, painfully clear.

Speaking of the page, isn’t it FANTASTIC to have Danilo Guida’s art back on the blotter? Not to say the stuff we’ve been doing the last month-or-so hasn’t been a blast, but it feels good to have Danilo’s brilliant pages back where they belong. So, hold on tight because Danilo is once again set to deliver eye-melting images for eight straight weeks, as Chapter Two barrels to an absolutely STAGGERING conclusion!

And, oh yeah, who’s that dude with the crucifix and the sword on his back? Think he might be important?

Find out NEXT WEEK as all the TURMOIL following the Fish-Vampire attack boils over! Can the Daredevils come together in the wake of tragedy or will their grievous losses lead to a BREAK in the ranks? All that and more is just 7 days away! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow so you don’t miss out on a MELTDOWN of epic proportions.

In other news, the boys and I just got back from another wild and crazy trip to the San Diego Comicon, and thanks to the Pop Culture Hound podcast you can join in on the fun! Chris Thompson was kind enough, yet again, to sit down Dan, Evin, and I for a lengthy, of-the-cuff interview over a veritable PLETHORA of drinks. Catching up with Chris was a blast, and we go into detail on all of last year’s a happenings, and spill some pretty big beans about the future of the Deep Dive Daredevils, as well. So, if you missed out on partying with the ThreeOneFive at Comicon (which pretty much everyone on the planet other than Chris did), this is your chance to hear what you’ve been missing. Click HERE for rambling, drunken comic talk!

Welp, that about wraps it up for this week. But first, mosey on over to the Sunday Bonus Lunch for a behind-the-scenes look at how last week’s crossover cover with Rich Clabaugh’s Graveyard Gang came together.

Anyways, till next week!