Darkness has come for the Daredevils!

This page kicks of a breathless sprint to the end of Pitch Black Day Chapter One! Seriously, it’s BLOCKBUSTER season and the Deep Dive Daredevils are primed to get in on the fun. Nothing that has come before can prepare you for the next six weeks of pulse-pounding ACTION. And, then we cap it all off with a MIND-BLOWING last page that is going to rip the doors off this sucka! It’s guaranteed fun, so PLEASE help spread the word far and wide – NOW is the time to jump aboard!

So, be here NEXT WEEK! For all the reasons I listed above and many more you will KICK YOURSELF if you miss out on the MAYHEM to come. In just 7 days, DEATH INCARNATE stalks the hallways of the Custer, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

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In other news, the fine folks at Webcomic Alliance are featuring Deep Dive Daredevils as their May 2013 Pick of the Month! Many thanks to the entire WA Crew and especially Todd McElmurry (who is a card carrying member of the Loyal Order of Daredevilers) for his wonderful write-up. We’re honored and thrilled to be the featured comic of the month, and it is taking all the will power I have not to bust out a certain Sally Field quote right about now. And stay tuned, as an interview with all the ThreeOneFive boys and Danilo Guida will be showing up on Webcomic Alliance later this month. Good times.

Welp, that’s another week in the books…make sure to hit the blog for the latest serving of the Sunday Bonus Lunch, packed with just the right mixture of filler and tasty behind-the-scenes treats.

Anyways, till next week!