Run to the hills…

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! This week’s installment of Deep Dive Daredevils is brought to you by the legendary metal band IRON MAIDEN (no, not really). But, for the optimum reading experience I highly recommend you click here and listen to their classic song, “Run to the hills”, while viewing this page.

So, yeah, I’m sure Doc, Joe and Deveraux are going to be just fine, right? I mean, McGinty and his boys have got their backs and all, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Yup, this pesky Fish-man invasion should be all wrapped in no time. I’m sure it’ll end up being just another fun little tale the guys spin in the mess hall for kicks…

Not buying it? Shucks. I wanted to lull y’all into a false sense of complacency so that NEXT WEEK’S page hits like a TON of BRICKS! Seriously, the next page is pretty much the most consequential Daredevils page yet. No fooling, here’s the message we included in the script to help convey just how EPIC page 8 of PITCH BLACK DAY needed to be:

“Ok, Danilo, the following needs to be the most epic Deep Dive Daredevils moment yet, with emotion, drama, and action! Go big here! At the cusp of the blast door, there is…”

Trust me, Daredevilers; Danilo went BIG like never before! To find out what happens at the cusp of the blast doors BE HERE in just 7 days. Make sure to RSS, Like, Follow, and SPREAD THE WORD!

Well, we had a CRAZY Mother’s Day/2-year-old Birthday/Surprise Mother-in-law’s Birthday party weekend here at the Heistand household and I am frickin’ bushed. So, I’m gonna wrap this sucker up, pronto! Make sure to hit the blog at your earliest convenience because Evin served up some mighty nice Sunday Bonus Lunch this week, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, till next week!