Welcome to the Cajun Caper, Joe – hope you survive the experience!

I’m sure you guys figured it wouldn’t be long until everyone’s favorite pre-pubescent First Mate made his way onto the stage. But, I’m guessing you thought his grand entrance would have been a little more…well, grand. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, the script for the page reads…

“Joe enters the gangster’s hideout, and swashbuckling action ensues! One-by-one Joe takes down Sal’s men, using his small stature and quickness to his advantage. Then he turns his attention to Sal, and with one, epic right-hand to the jaw the nefarious gangster is out for the count!”

Unfortunately, for Joe (and McGinty and Deveraux) that’s not the way things went down in this universe. Nope, little Joe ran into a whole mess of big boy trouble, and is in WAY over his head!

Or is he…?

In just 7 DAYS find out Joe’s FINAL FATE! Has our pint-sized pirate’s luck finally run out, or does he still have an ace up his sleeve? And, where the heck is Cup? Aren’t those two ALWAYS together? Answers are a’ coming NEXT WEEK! Make sure to RSS, Like, or follow, Joe’s life may just depend on it…

Welp, Evin has not received nearly enough hate mail over at the Sunday Bonus Lunch to warrant showing off any previews of Danilo’s work on the upcoming Deep Dive Daredevils epic, Pitch Black Day. But, maybe, it was too much to ask for you guy to subject yourselves to Evin’s incoherent ramblings for the chance to see some sweet sneak peeks. I read the Sunday Bonus Lunch, but only because it’s like my job, man. So, let’s try this, Daredevilers – if you want to see some of Danilo’s work (in progress) on the next Daredevils story let us know in comments this week. Fire away!

Anyways, till next week!