I guess Deveraux didn’t get the memo explaining that Deep Dive Daredevils is an all-ages comic. Apologies to all our French-speaking readers out there, and let me assure you that it won’t happen again…right, Deveraux?

Anyway, I gotta say, writing the dialogue for Deveraux and McGinty is just a blast, and I hope you guys are having as much fun reading it as we are writing it. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that Smilton just totally nailed their interaction on this page. It’s clear that these guys are like brothers, and even under duress they can’t help pushing each other’s buttons. Good times.

NEXT WEEK, find out WHO’S at the door, and WHY McGinty and Deveraux would rather take their chances with ruthless gangsters then the likes of them. Be here in 7 days for a page that goes out with a BANG! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow to find out who’s behind door number one…

Pitch Black Day update: Danilo’s penciled pages are rolling in on a daily basis, and man-oh-man I couldn’t be more excited with the way our next story is shaping up. Seriously, prepare yourselves for some face-meltingly great art, and be afraid of the dark, my friends. Be very afraid.

In other news, it’s funny that today is the day we posted a curse word on Deep Dive Daredevils because we have another comic being released online TODAY the has lots of them. That’s right, the first lady of vulgarity is back! You can now read BABY GIRL’s first adventure, Lost Treasure of the Afrika Korps, for FREE online at Challenger Comics! Be warned! BABY GIRL is naughty fun intended ONLY for mature dudes and dudettes.

Many thanks to Ryan Ferrier, the proprietor of Challenger Comics, for letting us in on the great thing he’s got going there. Read Challenger!

Welp, that about wraps ‘er up for this week. Make sure to read the Sunday Bonus Lunch, and then write Evin hate mail until he breaks down and shows you some sneaks peeks of Danilo’s work on Pitch Black Day. I’m pretty sure that’ll work…

Anyways, till next week!