Doc and Cup to the rescue!

FINALLY, the Daredevils strike back! But, hopefully, in a way you guys weren’t expecting. You can always count on Doc to present an unexpected, yet perfect, solution to a problem. Here at ThreeOneFive Headquarters we’ve taken to calling Doc’s device Mezmorizmo. It’s based off of a real-life hypnosis wheel, which was popular in the first decades of the 20th century. Of course, Doc’s taken the concept of the hypnosis wheel to the next level, but would you expect any less from the world’s preeminent man of science? No, no you wouldn’t.

So, for those keeping score at home, Doc’s last minute save has tied it up – Gangsters 1, Daredevils 1. It’s anybody’s game at this point, and neither team appears ready to back down or give up the ghost. Buckle up, sports fans, this one’s gonna be a fight to the finish!

NEXT WEEK, Sal and his men bust out the MEAT CHOPPERS, and that means bad news for the Daredevils! Have our courageous crewman bitten off more that they can chew? I for one am betting that they have. DIRE consequences await our heroes in just 7 days! If you love action, make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

In other news, the, literally, dozens of loyal Sunday Bonus Lunch readers have surely noticed that this past Sunday came and went without a new installment of Evin’s nonsensical ranting. Well, he does have a legit excuse…Evin, Dan and I spent Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas! The weekend was so jam-packed with gambling, drinking, and debauchery that Evin just plain forgot to update the blog. He has been punished accordingly, and it won’t happen again…until the next Super Bowl weekend.

Welp, I myself am a bit hung-over, and feel a lot like I imagine McGinty and Deveraux are feeling at this point in the story – rode hard and put away wet. So, adios muchachos, it’s time to sleep this one off…

Anyways, till next week!