For those keeping score at home, this is, in fact, the first Daredevil’s page to feature fisticuffs. In a story starring McGinty, Deveraux, and heaping helping of liquid courage it was just a matter of time before things got out of hand! It’s just too bad for our carousing crewman that Wooden-Nickel Sal brought bats (and goons) to a fistfight. Alas, even expert pugilists like McGinty and Deveraux couldn’t overcome the odds stacked against them.

So, as it stand now – Wooden-Nickel Sal 1, The Daredevils 0. We’ll keep a running tally as the story continues and see if The Daredevils can even things up, or even take the lead! For the latest scoring updates make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

NEXT WEEK Wooden-Nickel Sal continues to make the Daredevils PAY! And, what hope do McGinty and Deveraux have of delivering The Captain’s letter while in the clutches of ruthless gangsters? The action and intrigue continues in just 7 days!

As I mentioned last week, we are currently in the process of giving the site a facelift. This week, eagle-eyed Daredevilers will notice that the sidebars to the left and the right of the blog have been upgraded. Evin and Dan have re-imagined the sidebars in the style of the wacky advertisements that were such a staple of old-school comics. Our goal is for those who stop by the site to be transported back in time to the Golden Age – to smell the musty, aged newsprint and feel the cheap ink rub off on their fingers!

With that in mind, I’m sure you guys have noticed that since the launch we’ve NEVER run a single advertisement on the site. We feel that doing so would shatter the ambiance we’ve created and lessen the overall Deep Dive Daredevils experience. So, to help us keep the site ad free, please consider donating. All donations will be used to help offset the production costs of the comic itself, and all the costs that go along with maintaining the site. Thanks!

Welp, Evin finally got off his butt and started blogging again so make sure to check out the first 2013 edition of the Sunday Bonus Lunch.

Anyways, till next week!