This page, above all, is one big happy accident.

The original outline called for some simple slapstick action as Joe and Doc try to move an ever-growing monster through the tiny corridors of the submarine. But, it turned into much more.

As Evin points out in this week’s installment of his blog, Sunday Bonus Lunch, we focused on these particular crewman at Danilo’s request. He drew them in the background of the first chapter, and they captured his imagination. Once he asked us to include them more in the story they captured ours, as well. McGinty and Devereux take over this page, almost by osmosis, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.  For reals, make sure and check out Evin’s blog for an exclusive look at their Deep Dive Daredevils’ service records.

You also may have noticed the off-color joke which caps off the page. While scripting this page, out of nowhere, McGinty and Devereux spoke-up, and out came the set-up and the punch line. They came to life and spoke the words. I just laughed and wrote down what they were saying.

Speaking of words, our fantastic letterer Steven Finch A.K.A Fonografiks (Saga, Luther Strode) hails from Britain, and was appalled by the “Scottish” dialogue we had written for McGinty. So, he was nice enough to supply a more accurate dialect for McGinty and spare us from a Braveheart-style beating at the hands of irate/offended Scotsmen. Many thanks, sir!

OK, that’s enough rambling for one week, I think.

So, make sure and find your way back next week (RSS it!) to see the Captain’s solution to the predicament we’ve left Joe and company in. It’s a doozy!

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Anyway, till next week!