Yes, Cup, none of us will ever doubt you again…unless it’s convenient for the plot. Ha!

This is the third update for Deep Dive Daredevils, and let me tell you, we love making this webcomic. The response has been tremendously positive, and we’re picking up new readers all the time. But, my favorite part, so far, has got to be the comments. It’s like a living breathing letter’s column attached to each page. Too cool.

Next week, get to know the crewman dragging the “fish-man” as hijinks ensue aboard The Custer! RSS it now, or face certain DOOM!

And, again, if you dig the Daredevils, let the world know by voting for us DAILY at We’re currently floating right around 300 on the charts. With your help I know we can crack the top 100 this month!

In other news, it’s a big week here on ThreeOneFive Island.

TOMORROW, Baby Girl debuts as a back up in Hell Yeah #3, published by Image Comics! It is a decidedly NSFW adventure comic that you have to see to believe. Learn more about Baby Girl here and here.  Pick it up at your local comic shop tomorrow!

Addendum: The above paragraph, unfortunately, does not apply to those in the western United States. Some sort of distributing snafu has caused shipments of Hell Yeah #3 to be delayed until May 16th on the west coast. Bummer.

Also, the fine folks at Multiversity Comics were kind enough to interview yours truly, in which I talk about the ThreeOneFive’s writing process, Baby Girl, Deep Dive Daredevils, and much more. So, make sure and check that out as well.

Anyway, till next week!