Are Ye Daft?!

I ask myself this question often. That, in and of itself, says quite a bit about me, I think. But, actually, that’s all immaterial to what I really want to talk about this week…

Anyway, something I never anticipated when we started this, close to a full decade ago for those keeping score at home, was publishing this strip long enough to start seeing patterns – patterns right there in technicolor on the screen in front of me. 

Not only is panel 3 a direct reference to panel 3 on THIS PAGE, but if you look at the pages side-by-side they appear in essentially the same spot on both pages.

But that’s not all. The content and the “mini-cliffhanger” of this page is pretty much the same in convention if not execution as THIS PAGE from all the way back in the Secret of the Beaufort Sea.

Patterns. Patterns everywhere. Be here NEXT WEEK as the web winds tighter still.

Till next time!