Heretofore unthinkable…

This week I’m going to be a little more critical of our efforts then usual. First, let me say right off the bat that this has nothing to do with the art, coloring or even really the writing. It’s merely a case where, to tell the story, you have to include a beat that is not the most exciting thing in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, this page is vital in the fact that you need to have an establishing shot of the excavation scene in panel three. To Custer this scene is a revelation. The scale is like nothing he’s ever seen before. However, to you, the reader, I imagine it is a bit ho hum. It’s a crane and a campsite, big whoop.

So, in short, this page is necessary in the large scheme of things, but as an individual page – a whole week’s worth of content – it is lacking, in my opinion.

Be here NEXT WEEK for a much more STIMULATING page as the true EVIL behind the scenes finally shows its face.

Anyways, till next time!