The Deep Dive Daredevil’s THIRD Anniversary!

Sitting here now it’s hard to remember my weekly routine before we christened this baby and set sail into uncharted waters on April 17th 2012. Every Sunday (or Monday if I’m feeling lazy) I sit down and write this very blog. Then when the blog is done and the week’s page is finalized (which can sometimes be as late as Monday evening) I schedule the update for Tuesday at 12:01am. And finally on Tuesdays, I promote the new page on social media, and in the evening I interact with you guys/gals in the comments. This routine isn’t just something I do, nope, it has become part of WHO I AM in the last three years.

So, the question is, what the hell am I gonna do with myself during the hiatus?! Speaking of the hiatus, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter (top of the left side-bar) to keep in touch during the break.
Enough about me though, how about this page, right! To be fair, I DID tell you that this epilogue was going to get CRAZY. Well, here’s another spoiler alert…YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!

Be here NEXT WEEK for your first look inside the BEHEMOTH that just materialized in the water from out of nowhere. WHAT the heck is going on? WHO is responsible? HOW is this possible? In just 7 days, the thread to the BIGGEST mystery of the entire run continues to unravel. Do not miss the penultimate page of Deep Dive Daredevils Volume One!

Bonus Spoiler Alert: Yeah, next week is big, for sure, but in TWO weeks EVERYTHING changes! Am I being enigmatic? Yes. Am I engaging in hyperbole? Hell no. Prepare thyself, dear reader…

Anyways, till next week!