The Giga-Reich has come for its revenge!

Dropping that statement and all the implications that come with it has been LONG time coming, let me tell ya! Every single page since we added that little hint of a bigger enemy to the second to last page of Secret of the Beaufort Sea has been in some way shape or form building to this moment and the craziness that is to follow.

Speaking of CRAZINESS, be here NEXT WEEK for a page that you have to see to believe! There is nothing…NOTHING that can prepare you for what is coming. The other shoe drops in just 7 short days and so will your jaw. Don’t you DARE miss it!

Ok, I have an important announcement that I’ve been holding in my back pocket for a while. It’s not something I am looking forward to telling you guys, but now is definitely the time to throw it out there. So, anyway…

REGULAR READERS MAKE SURE TO READ THE FOLLOWING: After the final page of the EotEs Epilogue hits on April 28th Deep Dive Daredevils will be going on HIATUS from our weekly publishing schedule. Before I go any further with the explanation of how and why, I want to ASSURE you all that this is NOT the end and DDD will most certainly RETURN after the hiatus.

Here are all the details:

1. I don’t know how long the hiatus will be. Ever since the middle of Pitch Black Day we have BARELY been making the weekly deadlines, and this hiatus is designed to let us get out ahead with a comfortable cushion of pages. As soon as we have enough pages in the bag to meet the schedule on a regular basis again WE WILL BE BACK.

2. The next DDD story is THE DEFINITIVE DDD story. When the EotEs Epilogue ends, it will also mark the end of Deep Dive Daredevils Volume One. A big aspect of the coming DDD Volume Two is going to be telling HOW the Deep Dive Daredevils came to be. This story is HUGELY important to us and we want to make sure that we have the time to make it as good as it can possibly be. We’re going for QUALITY over QUANTITY.

3. And FINALLY, during the hiatus we will NOT go completely radio silent. I will be sending out MONTHLY updates to our email newsletter subscribers. The updates will be random, but I promise at least one a month. They will consist of previews, updates on our progress, or perhaps just rambling screeds. Should be fun.

Anyways, till next week!