Out of his element.

I like this page a lot. That may come as no surprise since, yeah, I helped write it, but trust me, it’s more than that. This page is a departure, in a lot of ways, from the way we normally approach things. Usually, DDD pages are predominantly driven by PLOT and CLIFFHANGERS with character beats sprinkled in here and there. We do this to A.) ape the Golden Age storytelling style that inspired us to create DDD in the first place, and B.) to try to make each Tuesday update a “complete meal.”

However, this page stands all that on its head. It is paced much more like a scene from a movie (notice the big widescreen panels), focusing on ATMOSPHERE over plot propulsion and character INSIGHT over a whiz-bang cliffhanger. I, for one, really dig the change of pace, and I am determined to shake things up like this more often. Hope y’all are down with that, as well.

Be here NEXT WEEK when we shift the scene from the bowels of the volcano to its PEAK! Joe has a bad case of COLD FEET, can you blame him? Will he marry the Princess, or will he leave her at the altar? Find out in just 7 days!

Before I wrap up this week, a bit of housekeeping is in order. Next week’s page will be the last page of 2014, as we take our traditional 3 week break during the Holiday Season. Normally, during the break we post some-sort of holiday greeting image; however this year that will NOT be the case. Here’s why: unfortunately, we didn’t plan this year’s content as well as we have in previous years and our break is coming dead in the middle of EotEs Chapter 2. If we were to post a holiday image this year it would really mess up the flow of the story when read all at once/binge-style with a non sequitur image between pages.

So, alas, there will be no holiday post this year, but never doubt that we love you all and wish you the HAPPIEST of HOLIDAYS!

Anyways, till next week!