There’s lots of stuff going on with this page – LOTS of STUFF! However, the most pressing is the fact that the rocket is operational and has been ordered to launch! Dracula seems to think that means GAME OVER… and thus, its time to party down.

One might say, “Drac, maybe you’re getting a little a head of yourself, man (cuz you’re cool like that)”. But, then he’d remind you that he has been controlling the other characters, like pawns on his evil chessboard, this whole time. His master plan is in full effect, and up to this point he hasn’t even broken a sweat. Everything is proceeding as he has foreseen. Wait, maybe that’s not the best allusion…

Anyway, be here NEXT WEEK and see if Dracula has TRULY won, or if perhaps there is still some FIGHT left in the Daredevils! In just 7 days, we hit the halfway point of Chapter Three. It’s CRUNCH TIME! The Daredevils need to get it together NOW or that’s all she wrote. You cannot miss what comes next, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow!

Well, with nearly 800 votes we peaked out at #101 for the month of October on Top Web Comics. We ALMOST made it to the front page…

But wait – this just in – we did make it onto the front page, after all?! Yup, on Nov. 1st, thanks to your votes we were ranked #100 for a few glorious hours! Go NOW to the Sunday Bonus Lunch to behold a screen shot of the blessed event!

Seriously though, the Top Web Comics list has about as much or as little value as you want to assign it, but getting to the front page is a BIG deal to us and we’d like to thank each and every one of you that voted! Can we go even higher in November?

Anyways, till next week!