Well, that’s one way to STORM a CASTLE!

Leave it to Joe to find the simplest way to solve a problem. Too bad it’s also usually the most cockamamie. Ha! This is another one of those moments that never made it into any plot outline. It’s just what happens when you put a certain character into a certain situation with a certain set of motives and see where it takes you. Of course Joe just drove the sub straight into the castle! No other solution could fit the character more, in my opinion. It’s a rare treat to craft a scene where character and action converge so seamlessly.

But, enough of the boring writer talk…let’s talk about the ART. After the bombast of the previous page, this page shows off yet another thing that Danilo does so well – brining the characters to life. The looks on all the characters’ faces in Panel 5 (including Cup) are pitch perfect, and sell the DANGER and the HILARITY of the moment. It’s one of my favorite shots in a chapter FILLED with BIG moments (of which you’ve so far only seen a few).

Be here NEXT WEEK for the BLOWBACK from Joe’s crazy maneuver! Just how much is McGinty and possibly the entire world going to REGRET letting the kid drive. In just 7 days EVIL once again takes the upper hand, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow!

110! Yowza, that is where Deep Dive Daredevils currently sits on the Top Web Comics list. That position is yet another record and just a hair’s breadth from the front page! Despite only 3 days left of voting, I think it is more than possible for DDD to fulfill its destiny and make it to the front page. If everyone who reads this votes today, tomorrow, and on Halloween, I am pretty darn sure we’ll hit the front page. If we do, I’ll take a screen shot to show y’all and we’ll party like it’s 1999 up in this mutha! If you are so inclined please vote!

And, BOO HISS…Evin didn’t write a new Sunday Bonus Lunch this week. I recommend catching up on the re-runs and then egging his house to show your displeasure.

Anyways, till next week!