Well, golly!

Nice to meet you, Abigail Singer. Welcome to the Deep Dive Daredevils…hope THEY survive the experience!

So, right, what’s going on at this point again? …Mystery abounds as the Daredevils dive into unknown darkness at the behest of a beautiful woman toting a veritable stockpile of weapons, you say? Yes, I’m sure this is just your plain-old, run-of-the-mill voyage to the BOTTOM of the OCEAN. Nothing to see here. What could possible go wrong?

Find out NEXT WEEK! As in, come back next week and you will TOTALLY find out what goes WRONG. It’s another instant CLASSIC, beautifully illustrated by Danilo Guida…so, hold onto your hats and BE HERE in 7 days! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow especially if you are a submarine enthusiast, as next week’s page has a gratuitous illustration of The Custer that makes this week’s gratuitous shot of Abigail look utterly tame in comparison.

Speaking of that last panel, it should be noted/evident that with Pitch Black Day the tone has shifted. We’ll still deliver more fun and adventure then you can stand, but the nature of this story has necessitated a more adult sensibility. I think of it like the different rides at Disneyland. If Secret of the Beaufort Sea was akin to It’s A Small World, then Pitch Black Day is more like the Haunted Mansion with a bit of the raciness of Pirates of the Caribbean on the side. Basically, on the whole it’s still family friendly, but some parental guidance may be necessary because in the coming weeks this story is going to get INTENSE. Danger and death are stalking the Daredevils, and no one is safe! You have been WARNED…

ATTN: Daredevilers! New content is waiting in the Members Area. The Dossier section is now officially open and it contains all manner of CLASSIFIED documents available only to the Loyal Order of Daredevilers!

And, as always, make sure to hit the blog for your weekly helping of the Sunday Bonus Lunch. This week, Evin uncovers a shocking epidemic of women biting laptops! Yes, seriously. Be there or be square.

Before I go I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the victims of the massive flooding in Buenos Aires and La Plata, Argentina. If you haven’t heard about the disaster click here to find out more. Our DDD artists extraordinaire Danilo Guida and Smilton Roa Klaassen both live in Buenos Aires, and I am happy to report that they are doing just fine despite the circumstances. Hang in there, fellas.

Anyways, till next week!