Happy New Year!

Well, here is the cover for the sensational Deep Dive Daredevils Short, CAJUN CAPER, which begins NEXT WEEK! The short will run for ten weeks, and features artwork by our phenomenal fill-in artist, Smilton Roa Klaassen. Though the story may be short, let me assure you, Daredevilers, it carries a BIG stick. I literally CANNOT WAIT for the crazed comments sure to come when the last page hits – if you long for mystery and intrigue, Cajun Caper has definitely got you covered!

Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow! You’ve been warned. I will not be held responsible for the sadness/tears of those who do not.

Also, don’t forget (don’t worry, I won’t let you), while Cajun Caper is gracing the blotter Danilo will be hard at work on the next Daredevils EPIC, Pitch Black Day. Danilo’s concept drawings are hitting my inbox daily and, OH BOY, are you guys in for a treat! Stay tuned…

Last but not least, If you dig the minimalist stylings of the Cajun Caper poster make sure and send your props to The ThreeOneFive’s own Evin Dempsey. In the past year Evin’s grown into quite the graphic artist, and it’s all culminated in the awesomeness you see above. That’ll do, Evin. That’ll do.

Anyways, till next week!