Happy Holidays, Daredevilers!

On behalf of the entire Daredevils team, I’d like to wish you all a wonderful, happy, and safe holiday season. And, once again, MANY THANKS for reading and supporting the Deep Dive Daredevils in 2012.

Also, make sure the check back NEXT WEEK, New Year’s Day, to see the COVER for the sensational Daredevils short, CAJUN CAPER, which starts in earnest on Tuesday January 8th 2013!

And, what’s the dealio with that ATOMOVISION banner at the top of the blog? Well, it’s a new feature we’re debuting, in which we will convert the most select, most awesome pages into 3D! All you need is a pair of old-school, red/blue 3D glasses to join in on the fun. Make with the clicks to see Danilo’s holiday illustration in 3D RIGHT NOW!

Thanks again, guys.

Anyways, till next week!