The future is NOW!

Here at ThreeOneFive Headquarters we thought it would be appropriate to use the break week to tease an upcoming Deep Dive Daredevils story. See, we figured all the loyal Daredevilers out there deserved a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2013, well, because YOU are the reason there is a future for the Daredevils, at all!

Here’s a little secret, when we launched way back in April we knew that we would finish out the first story, but everything after Secret of the Beaufort Sea was up in the air…

Well, I’m happy to report that thanks an overwhelmingly positive response and an ever-growing readership the Daredevils are here to stay! At this point, we have stories plotted out YEARS into the future, and this pin-up teases a story that is the first building block of a multi-part Deep Dive Daredevils EPIC in the making!

I’m sure many eagle-eyed readers have noticed that the pin-up is not the work of Daredevil-Artist-Extraordinaire Danilo Guida. Well, rest assured, there are MANY more Danilo DDD pages to come beyond SofBS and into 2013. However, to help keep Danilo ahead of the updates we’ve tapped another fantastic artist (and a good friend of Danilo’s), Smilton Roa Klaassen to provide the art for a story that will launch on January 8th 2013. Like Danilo, Smilton will be handling all the art chores himself – from pencils to colors – and you guys are in for a treat!


But now, if you will, return with me to the present, where even more Daredevils excitement awaits…NEXT WEEK is the launch of the FOURTH and FINAL chapter of Secret of the Beaufort Sea! Where did the portal send Joe and Cup? What is the Shaman’s challenge? The answers to all these questions and more begin to resolve on September 25th! It’s all been leading to this, folks, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow so you don’t miss out on the BEGINNING of our mind-blowing CONCLUSION…

Ya know, I always tell you guys to Like and Follow, but I never really give you a REALLY good reason to do so. Well, since it’s the break week and I feel like blabbing a little more than usual, I’ll give you that REALLY good reason - The Radiograms. Those bad-boys are posted every Monday afternoon on Facebook and Twitter, and are, I feel, a vital part of the Deep Dive Daredevils experience.

Combine the Sunday Bonus Lunch, the Radiograms, and the main update on Tuesdays, and we’ve got the first three days of your week covered with Daredevils goodness. The rest of your week…well, sorry, can’t help you with that.

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Anyways, till next week!