Go get ‘em Captain!

Man, it’s been at least a month of bad news for the Daredevils up to this point, so hopefully you are enjoying the start of their comeback as much as we did writing it. Writing the “Captain rallies his men” speech is something I’ve been looking forward to since the very beginning of the project. And, when the time came the Captain spoke up and, in my opinion, did not disappoint. I mean we even got the name of the comic into a line of dialogue. Score!

Oh, and the first person in the comments to point out the sly reference on this page to a certain sci-fi classic gets a NO-PRIZE!

Be here NEXT WEEK to see if the Captain and his Daredevils can TURN the TIDE or if this proves to be but a momentary victory. Also, the SECRETS of the WEREWHALE begin to unravel! The BIG reveals start next week so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow.

Once again, I’d like to pass along sincere thanks from the entire DDD crew to our readers. Last week was our biggest week yet for traffic, and I just find it continually amazing how many people are returning week-after-week to check out our comic. Thanks, guys and gals! We appreciate it more than you can know.

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Anyways, till next week!